I.I.P.L.E. – Vocational Training Institute for Construction Workers in Bologna, established in 1947, has been providing training for all professional profiles in the construction industry for over 75 years in order to update, qualify and refine employees in the building sector, as well as professionals and young people who wish to join this sector.

It is an Institute for training provided by the Collective Labor Agreement in the construction industry and it is managed by a Board of Directors equally made up by the Association of Businesses and the Workers Trade Union.

I.I.P.L.E. is an institution accredited by the Emilia-Romagna Region for providing courses in the following areas: Compulsory Education, Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, Special Users and Apprenticeships.

I.I.P.L.E. is part of the National FORMEDIL, which groups together and coordinates over 100 construction schools throughout Italy. Furthermore, it is part of the FORMEDIL Emilia-Romagna, an integrated network of 10 schools in the Region.

Within I.I.P.L.E., the C.P.T.O. – Territorial Operation Joint Committee is located, aimed at promoting the safety and health of workers operating in the construction sector, through information and training initiatives and basic advice for the prevention of accidents at work.

I.I.P.L.E. headquarters is equipped with laboratories, test machineries and instruments that allow to carry out experimental activities on new building materials, components, architectural structures and the efficiency of energy saving systems.

I.I.P.L.E. aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • promote professional development and update of the workers, technicians, employers in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry;
  • provide the tools to outline a professionalism for workers in response to the quality and specialization of the labour force for the purpose of increased competitiveness within companies;
  • be a qualified point of reference for the educational needs of professionals and construction companies, provide training to Associations of Engineers and Architects, Owners, Tenants and Building Administrators;
  • spread the culture of BIM and digitalization in the construction sector through the creation and continuous development of BIM Academy Bologna
  • approach and attract young graduated technicians to the BIM process and, after the training period in IIPLE, facilitate their employment in the building companies, in order to bring digital innovation and influence on the everyday activities of the enterprises;
  • operate with a broader European scale by initiating specific collaborations with other countries, in regards to issues related the construction industry, energy efficiency, sustainability, safety and environment;
  • provide services to meet the training needs of public institutions related to the construction industry.


I.I.P.L.E. organizes training programs for:

  • workers, technicians and employees of construction companies
  • professionals of the construction industry
  • security professionals
  • unemployed people
  • students and young people

I.I.P.L.E. operates in the following areas:

  • Construction techniques
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Safety at work
  • Urban and land planning
  • Management and quality
  • Digitalization and BIM

I.I.P.L.E. in numbers:

  • More than 4200 trainees per year
  • More than 260 courses per year
  • More than 8600 hours of trainings per year
  • Courses from 8 to 1000 hours each
  • 8 classrooms and 1 Great Hall (100 seats)
  • 1 Laboratory for practical training (area of 1110 m.q.)
  • External area about 2000 m.q.
  • Parking
  • Zen garden


I.I.P.L.E. is a branch of the consortium FORMEDIL Emilia-Romagna, which is accredited by the Region for providing the “Servizio Lavoro” (Job Center), a free desk helping people looking for a job and for companies looking for employees.


Innovation and digitalization are changing the construction sector all over the world, and involve the entire construction supply chain, from design to building management.

I.I.P.L.E. seeks to respond effectively to this need through its BIM Academy (Building Information Modeling) which has been managing training courses since 2014 for BIM Specialists and BIM Coordinators, BIM MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), with the aim of spreading the BIM methodology: the use of shared digital representation of a built object, to facilitate design, construction and operation processes to form reliable basis for decisions.


I.I.P.L.E. has created the NZEB Academy to provide skills to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and to combine the goal of energy saving with environmental well-being. It is working to develop a strong energy literacy at all levels of the construction process, thus establishing new ways of working towards the goal of sustainable energy. I.I.P.L.E. has a series of programs for middle and high level professionals dealing with energy efficiency in the construction and construction sector.

Founded Projects:

I.I.P.L.E. designs and manages courses that benefit from national and EU funding: • I.I.P.L.E. benefits from regional funding to carry out activities for workers and young people. For instance, I.I.P.L.E. implements the following projects approved by the Emilia-Romagna Region and co-financed by the European Social Fund:

√ Professional Education and Training: Three-year qualifying courses: IeFP

The three-year course for Building Operators in Structures (in compliance with regional law n. 5 of 2011), aimed at children leaving first-level secondary school.√ POLYTECHNIC NETWORK: The technique to grow: IFTS

Higher Technical Education and Training Paths (IFTS) related to the profile of Construction Site Technician, for young people, graduates or workers.

√  Professional training courses for inmates and people in social disadvantage

Training courses for prisoners and people in social disadvantage providing a professional qualification as a construction worker, aimed at the social and work reintegration of prisoners.

Since 2005 I.I.P.L.E. has been involved in the management of training projects financed by inter-professional funds, in particular by Fondimpresa and Foncoop. • I.I.P.L.E. has developed relevant experience in European Projects: 👉 www.edili.com/progetti-europei/  


👉 IIPLE operates in the context of European Projects.

For information and collaborations please contact:

Luisa Sileni – luisasileni@edili.com – (+39) 051327605 




I.I.P.L.E. – Istituto Istruzione Professionale Lavoratori Edili della Provincia di Bologna


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