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IIPLE Bologna

The Institute for Vocational Training of Construction Workers in the province of Bologna (I.I.P.L.E.) was established in 1947 and for more than 65 years it has provided training for all professional profiles in the construction industry, in order to update, qualify and refine employees in the construction sector, as well as professionals and young people who wish to join this sector.

It is an Institute for Training provided by the Collective Labor Agreement in the construction industry and is managed by a board of directors made up equally from The Association of Businesses and The Workers Trade Union.

In addition I.I.P.L.E. is an institute with a quality system certified by DNV UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 and is accredited by the region of Emilia-Romagna in the areas of Compulsory Education, Higher Education, Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, Special User Groups, and Apprenticeships.

In pursuit of its goals I.I.P.L.E. cooperates, in agreement or in partnership, with public and private institutions, other training organizations, companies, research centers, universities, technical institutes, and professional associations, using a management structure consisting of a directorship, an administration, a staff of instructional coordinators as well as a team of teachers, who are all experts with proven professionalism and competence.

The School of Building/Construction is part of a national system which has its coordination body in the National FORMEDIL, which groups together over 100 building/construction schools throughout Italy.  Furthermore it is part of the Formedil Emilia-Romagna consortium which is responsible for promoting research and training amongst the integrated network of 10 schools in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

To help reduce the number of accidents at work by identifying the complex series of causes from which they originate, the two parties involved (the Association of Businesses and the Building Construction Union) have decided to initiate the Joint Committee on Territorial Operations (CPTO) in the province of Bologna at I.I.P.L.E. . The main task of the CPTO is the promotion of information, the development of training initiatives and basic counseling for the prevention of accidents along with the dissemination of principles for safety and health protection for workers in the construction industry.

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I.I.P.L.E. aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • promote professional development and update workers in the construction sector;
  • provide the tools to assist and guide workers in their professional careers;
  • provide the tools to outline a professionalism for workers in response to the quality and specialization of the labor force for the purpose of increased competitiveness within companies;
  • offer construction companies the opportunity to develop training programs in order to acquire skills that are specialized, innovative and in line with the evolution of the construction sector, as well as through ad hoc projects;
  • update and retrain workers;
  • be a qualified point of reference for the educational needs of professionals, as well as through specific collaborations with referential professional directives;
  • provide services to meet the training needs of public institutions related to the construction industry;
  • approach and attract young people to the construction sector through orientation activities;
  • outline courses of professional qualification and higher education for young people;
  • operate within a broader European scale by initiating specific collaborations with other countries in regards to issues concerning the construction industry and the environment.

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I.I.P.L.E. organizes  customized training courses for:

  • laborers, technicians, and employees of construction companies
  • professionals on the entire construction chain
  • security professionals
  • the unemployed
  • students and young people

Training at I.I.L.P.E. expands into the following  areas:

  • Construction techniques
  • The environment and energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Safety at work
  • Urban and land planning
  • Management and quality
  • Computer science

I.I.P.L.E. searches for financing to carry out its activities:

  • Since 2005 has collaborated in the management of training projects financed by interprofessional funds, especially by Fondimpresa e Foncoop.  In regards to the funding, I.I.L.P.E. has also initiated  company projects based on specific training needs, utilizing corporate accounts.
  • Participation in European projects: LEONARDO LLP GRUNDTVIG (Romania) LLP LLdV-VETPRO (Sweden), LEONARDO– Mobility IVT Lifelong Learning Programme - C.E.P. – Construction European Paths (Germany)
  • Participation in regional and public tenders to implement activities for workers and young people: I.I.P.L.E. creates activities that are included in the regional programming of;

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The Italian law states that the educational system may issue diplomas of higher secondary education only at the end of a five-year course.

To guarantee a distinguished education consistent with the requirements, specific features and identity of the local economic/productive system, the region of Emilia-Romagna has established the system of Training and Vocational Education (leFP) with the regional law n.5/2011: offering three-year courses which are specifically aimed towards employment, designed and implemented in conjunction with training institutions and vocational schools accredited by the region.

The three-year courses, characterized by a high degree of methodological teaching with research and interaction with local businesses, is aimed at the acquisition of knowledge,  technical/professional skills for the labor market and essential linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, social/historic and economic skills.  Consistent with its objectives, I.I.P.L.E. organizes the three-year course for Operators of Building Structures.



The region of Emilia-Romagna, where I.I.P.L.E. is located (Bologna), has chosen to invest in the training of specialized professionals equipped with operational, critical and relational expertise that is functional for innovation and that is able to contribute to the process of growth in strategic productive industries for the development of the country.

I.I.P.L.E. organizes courses of Technical Instruction and Higher Training (IFTS) relative to the profile for Construction Site Engineer.

These courses, aimed at young high school or university graduates, train these specialized technicians to be capable of overseeing organization and production procedures in companies, that are also linked to technological innovations and the globalization of the market place.

In past IFTS courses trainees have participated in internships in Spain, Germany and Turkey, with the aim of coming into direct contact with construction companies and to create experiences within building sites of infrastructures or major works where it is possible to observe innovative applications of production and/or procedures, as well as the use of new technologies and new building materials.

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I.I.P.L.E., through the program Youth Employment Initiative (YEI), is a meeting point between the requests of both companies and high school/university graduates. This is realized through the implementation of TRAINING INTERNSHIPS for young people who wish to gain experience in the working world and for companies that wish to select their employees with greater discernment.

IIPLE Youth Employment Initiative

IIPLE Youth Employment Initiative


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